a skilled hairstylist at the salon creates taylor swifts hairstyle

The Taylor Swift Look: How Your Hairstylist Can Create Her Hairstyle

Giving someone a hairstyle that looks like Taylor Swift's signature style is a fun and exciting way to create a unique and beautiful look. Whether you are a professional hairdresser or a DIY enthusiast, there are a few key steps that you can follow to create a Taylor Swift-inspired hairstyle. It should definitely be considered one of the top 10 hair styles of all time. 


First, begin by washing and drying the hair to create a clean, smooth base for the style. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and nourish the hair, and follow up with a leave-in conditioner to add moisture and protect the hair from heat damage. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair, and then blow-dry the hair using a round brush to create a smooth, sleek finish. If the hair is particularly frizzy or curly, you may want to use a straightening iron to smooth it out before proceeding.

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Next, use a tail comb to create a deep side part on one side of the head. This will help to create a sleek, polished look, and will also frame the face. To create the part, hold the tail comb at a 90-degree angle to the head, and use the pointed end to create a precise line from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Be sure to create the part on the side of the head that will give the best balance and symmetry to the face. If you need to trim the hair, this is your opportunity to make any minor cuts that are necessary to achieve the desired look. 

Once the part has been created, use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose, flowing waves in the hair. Start at the crown of the head and work your way down, curling small sections of hair and leaving the ends out for a more natural look. To create the waves, hold the curling iron vertically and wrap the hair around the barrel, starting at the root and working your way to the ends. Hold the curl in place for a few seconds, and then release it carefully to create a soft, flowing wave. Repeat this process throughout the hair, and be sure to curl the hair on both sides of the part to create a symmetrical and balanced look.

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Once the hair has been curled, use a light-hold hair spray to set the style in place. This will help to keep the waves from falling flat, and will also add shine and texture to the hair. Hold the hair spray about six inches away from the hair, and mist it evenly over the curls. Be sure to spray the hair evenly, and avoid oversaturating the hair, which can weigh it down and make it look greasy.

Finally, use a small amount of hair serum to smooth any flyaways and add shine to the hair. This will help to create a sleek, polished look, and will also add moisture and nourishment to the hair. Apply a small amount of serum to your palms, and then run your hands through the hair, smoothing the serum over the curls and waves. Be sure to focus on the ends of the hair, which can be prone to frizz and flyaways, and avoid using too much serum, which can make the hair look greasy.

By following these steps, you can create a Taylor Swift-inspired hairstyle that is beautiful, unique, and polished. With a little practice and patience, you can create a style that is perfect for any occasion, and that will make you look and feel like a star. Whether you are a professional hairdresser or a DIY enthusiast, you can use these techniques to create a stunning and unique Taylor Swift-inspired hairstyle that will turn heads and impress your friends and clients.